Look for

There are many terms that are commonly seen in documents presented by fraudsters in marketing fraudulent investment schemes.

Fraudsters often mimic and misuse legitimate banking terms.

Many of the following genuine terms are misused along with those that have no meaning in the real world.

They are thrown together in documents that contain a mix of fact and fiction, often confusing to a first-time investor.

Look for the following terms:

Good, Clean, Clear, and of Non-Criminal Origin
Blocked Funds Investment Program
Prime Bank Trading Program
Federal Reserve Approved
Treasury Approved
Roll Program
Irrevocable Pay Orders
Prime Bank Debentures, Notes, Guarantees, Letters of Credit
Fresh-Cut Paper
High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP)
ICC 3034 or 3039 Letter of Credit
Off Balance Sheet Program
Prime Bank Debenture Trading
Prime Bank Instruments, Notes, Guarantees, Trades, or Letters of Credit
Prime European Bank Letters of Credit
Prime World Bank Debentures or Financial Instruments
Prime Insurance Guarantees
High-Yield Debenture Trading, Financial Programs, Asset Management Programs
High-Yield Investment Programs (HYIP)
High-Yield Promissory Notes or Bank Notes
Guaranteed Bank Notes
Intermediate Bank Notes
Roll Programs or Bank Debenture Roll Programs
ICC 500 or 600 Bank Debenture Instrument
IMF (International Monetary Fund) Stand-by Letters of Credit
IMF Backed Securities, Bill of Exchange, Bill of Equity, or Backed Bonds
Discounted U.S. Treasury Obligations, Renting or Leasing of Treasury Securities
Blocking of Assigned Treasury Securities
„Limited Edition“ or Defacto Treasury Securities
US Dollar Bonds, Federal Notes, Medium, or Mid-Term Notes or Bank Notes
Blocked Funds Letters or Investment Programs, Documentary Letters of Credit
Irrevocable Pay Orders, Collateral First Debentures, Money Center Bank
Fresh Cut Paper or Bank Debentures, Bank Paper
Seasoned Bank Debentures
Private Placement Programs
Private Trading Programs
International Certificate of Deposit (LCD)
Irrevocable Bank Purchase Order (IBPO)
Irrevocable Corporate/Confirmed Purchase Order (ICPO)
Irrevocable Prime Bank Commitment
Zero Coupon L/C

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